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Evgenis dumovit 7000 demarcate youth whitening injection

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Evgenis dumovit 7000 demarcate youth whitening injection

Evgenis Dumovit 7000

Produces collagen to help restore and rejuvenate damaged skin like acne, wrinkles, dark spot, fine lines and freckle.

It heals, repairs and leaves your skin radiant. Glutathione has excellent antioxidant and helps to destroy free radicals. It also can even out your skin tone, giving it more healthy-looking texture and a subtle glow. Glutathione acts as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier that protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress and boosts the immune system. The levels of glutathione in the cells of the human body begins to decline after the age of twenty. Evgenis Dumovit 7000 can help to boost up levels of glutathione in our body.




The master antioxidant

Skin whitening and scar lightening

Boost up levels of glutathione in your body

Prevent wrinkles, fine lines

Instant smoothing radiance with a silky smooth finish to create a radiant glow

Contains 15,000mg of glutathione

Improves elasticity and protects against damaging environmental aggressors

5 times more moisturization

Keeping skin properly hydrated

prevent dry skin

Enhancing softness and elasticity and improving skin tone and texture

Works well on all skin types, including those with sensitive skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and under eye wrinkles





10 Ampoules x 5ml solutions

Liposomal Vitamin C 2400mg

Coenzymes Q10 600mg

Active Tri Peptida 120mg

Natural Collagen 120mg

Hyaluronic Acid 420mg

Embryonic Stem Cell (EESC*)

10 Vials Lyophilized Powder 

Liposomal Glutathione 15,000mg

Melanin Inhibit Factor (MIF)


Whitening and Repair Factor


10 Vials Lyophilized Powder

Liposomal Glutathione 15,000mg

High Alpha Lipoic 720mg






1 set (1 vials + 2 ampoules) injection 1-3 times a week



Breast feeder.

Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

Pregnant woman

Patient with cardiovascular problem


This product is administered by intravenously (IV)


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