Retin a gel 0.1% - (20g)
Retin a gel 0.1% - (20g)
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Contains tretinoin 0.1%

Retin-A is a topical gel that has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce wrinkles, remove fine lines and generally improve the skin’s condition and appearance. As mentioned previously the active ingredient in Retin-A is Tretinoin - an acid form of Vitamin A. Indeed, Tretinoin is classed as a retinoid. Retinoids are a group of chemical compounds that are all chemically related to Vitamin A.


Initially developed to treat acne, Tretinoin is still commonly used as a form of acne treatment. In fact Tretinoin was the first retinoid developed for this type of topical use. But, in terms of dermatological applications, its capabilities extend far beyond the treatment of acne and Tretinoin is now the best studied retinoid in relation to the treatment of photoaging.

 Retin A makes the skin very sensitive to the sun, so it is advised to use sunscreen every morning and throughout the day. Retin A may at first cause a slight tingling sensation when applied to the face. This usually subsides in a few seconds. The common side effects associated with the application of Retin As include: Redness, peeling, or feeling of warmth; sensitivity to sunlight; skin irritation; stinging at application site. It must be emphasized that you MUST wear sunscreen because Retin A makes the skin sensitive to UV rays. Retin A should NOT be used by pregnant women

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