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Lactic acid 88% Peel - 60ML

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Lactic acid 88% Peel - 60ML

Lactic acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid derived from milk. It is much milder than glycolic acid. Lactic Acid peel exfoliates and increases the cell turnover on the surface of the skin, thereby revealing a more vibrant and smoother-looking skin. In the deeper layers beneath the skin’s surface, new collagen and elastin will be stimulated and the skin will actually become thicker, tighter and more firm.
Keeping skin at acid pH level, lactic acid works to limit the growth of bacteria and spur the development of new cells. It works well on conditions as diverse as acne and wrinkles, as its exfoliating properties serve to eliminate dead cells regardless of their cause. Lactic acid is also useful on the body as well as the face, softening tough areas such as elbows and heels.
Sunscreens and makeup will last longer with the regular use of lactic acid, as it enhances the absorption of cosmetics, moisturizers and other skincare products. The molecules in lactic acid are larger than in the equally popular glycolic acid and although it doesn't penetrate into skin as deeply, its gentle exfoliating action makes it a perfect choice for regular use or those with extra sensitive skin.
This treatment also effectively combats acne by killing germs and removing toxins on the surface of the skin and by breaking down the dry, dead, glued-together surface sebum that makes skin look dull and clogs pores. This leaves the skin with a wonderfully smooth and clear complexion. With continued use as directed the skin will look more youthful and vibrant.
Note: If this is your first peel and you have sensitive skin, you should begin with diluting the peel to 40% percent  then later work your way up to the higher percentages. USE WITH CAUTION!

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