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Little Skincare Shop is an online store committed to bringing you the finest extracts, skin care actives and the tools to make skin care a successful endeavor. Little Skincare Shop was founded partly in reaction to the over pricing and hyped claims to the latest and greatest in skin care. Preying on the desire of so many to take control of their skin care issues, thousands of naira are wasted on products that simply don't and could never work. The vast majority of products purchased do not contain anywhere near the levels of actives that are necessary to create the same results as those found in a clinical study. DIY skin care is quite simple and extremely effective.

Each individual is unique with their own particular biochemistry. What may work well for one may not be as effective for another. It's a process of learning and experimenting. The infamous process of elimination is finding the actives that work best for you. Little Skincare Shop is meticulous in making available only proven extracts, vitamins for skin care and safe skin care ingredients. The focus here is on Natural skin care.